School project

These are some drawings made for school. We had to choose some pictures that contain the same object (in may case a bicycle) and after that, copy them as realistic as possible. It was a great exercise and I recommend it. Cheers!



Autor: davidhasnoclue

My name is David Dugan, I am currently a 2nd year design student, but aiming for animation, character design, and environment design. My main focus so far is to create natural drawings, characters and environments that seem plausible. I try to fit everything I learn (from design to art history that I learn in school) into my art. I rely mostly on books and not on internet tutorials, I feel that books can offer a much more variety of resources. Examples of artists/reporters that I love reading: James Gurney, Walt Stanchfield, Bob Thomas. I started drawing from when I was very young, I was clueless about what this could offer me. I learnt a little bit of architecture in high school then studied design after two years, continued with design at university, but I realized that I am more excited about animations and games, about bringing stories to life and expose them to the audience. I feel like there is still a „little” me in the past that loves watching animated movies, and playing games. He dreamed about being a creator of stories, and I owe it to him. I need to make that come true and make the last years of my life connected to my past. I don’t have favorite artists that I follow, I examine every type of art I see in books, real life and internet. But if I have to give names of artists that left a mark, well: Julien Coquentin, Walt Stanchfield, James Gurney, Dima Rebus, Piotr Jabłoński, Tea Wei, Sainer, Monsta Julien, Daniel Clarke, Francisco Perez and nature itself.

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